Thursday, March 29, 2012

Corfu, Greece: Spring Break

On Friday, March 16 I got to leave for Greece through a program called Bus2Alps.  I can not get over how great of an experience it was and how much fun I had on the trip.  We started off taking a five hour bus to catch an overnight cruise ship to Corfu.  The cruise ship was nice, I got to walk around and meet the other people that were on the trip with me.  The food that they had for dinner was absolutely horrible though.  I had gotten chicken and could not even eat half of it because it was still pink on the inside.  Once we finally reached Corfu we were all picked up by buses that would take us to our hostel called the Pink Palace.  It was a really cool place right on the water.  Our room had a balcony that overlooked the water and we got to see the sunset from there, so beautiful!  We spent the rest of the afternoon (now Saturday) walking along the water and just exploring a little bit.  My roommate, our trip leaders, and I got daring enough to go in and under the water.  It warmed up right away, it was just the initial shock that seemed cold.  After our swim we went back to shower and went to happy hour before our toga party dinner.  After dinner they had a traditional Greek dance performed and even did some plate smashing over people's heads. 

The next morning we woke up and went to breakfast where we signed up for ATV riding around the island of Corfu.  It was a toured ATV trip where Makenzie rode on the back of my ATV because she forgot to bring her driver's license on the trip.  We were towards the front of the pack because ours drove 300cc compared to the 150 everyone else had.  While we were going along the leader kept stopping and would go back to make sure that something was not wrong.  We found out later that some girl towards the back of the back somehow drove her ATV off a cliff and was able to jump off.  Thank goodness she was okay.  The leader came driving up with her on the back of his ATV.  While we were waiting for the leader to come back up, I met my friend Ross who ended up being becoming one of my good friends on the trip.  We kept driving further until we took a stop at a beach for some pictures where I met Ross' friend Mike who is now one of my good friends too.  We then drove around the island the rest of the day and got to stop at one of the highest points for lunch overlooking the ocean.  Once the ATV tour was over we all waited for the rest of the people on our trip back to get back from their cruise ship activity where I met Ross and Mike's friend Kathleen.  I am so happy I became friends with them because they go to school at Northeastern so I will be able to see them when we all go back to the United States.  The rest of the afternoon we hung out in the hot tub where we met more really good friends, Erin and Katherine.  After the hot tub we had to go and pack for our overnight bus ride to Athens. 

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  1. I did 3 days on the island of Corfu. Dream as nice. Memories of the island of Corfu have written here. You told you so nice. Thank you.